With Jackmail, you can personalize your domain name as a sender with your own domain name. This means thats others will be unable to use the same domain as it is unique to you.

Why should you personalize your own domain name?

Personalizing the domain name as a sender makes it possible to optimize the efficiency of your campaigns and control your reputation. Default domain names used to send and track emails neither fit your company nor your operations. They are used by all Jackmail users. Such domain names may appear suspicious to your recipients as well as anti-spam filters.

How to :

  • Access your host control pane and create a sub domain.
  • Open Jackmail
  • Head to settings
  • Find the “Customize the domain” option
  • Fill with your subdomain

Access your DNS zones control panel and add the 2 records Jackmail will give you.

Remember :


Add the first TXT record in the domain
Add the second TXT (NS) record in the subdomain

If the records have been added correctly, and the changes have been propagated (sometimes, changes in DNS zones can take between 24 and 48 hours to take effect), Jackmail will confirm that the domain is now saved and ready to be used.