Jackmail allows to connect through its API to add/edit/delete contact in a list.

How to activate?


First, head to the Jackmail settings, and hit the “Activate connectors”button.

Then, go to the List section and pick a list (or create a new one)

On the right, you will see a Connectors button. Thanks to this button, you will have the link and the list id used for the request. er, éditer ou supprimer un contact de vos listes.


How to use it?


Example :

Let’s try with MailMunch, an email form plugin.

Once you’ve created your form and you’re ready to publish it, it request a provider to save the collected emails.

Pick the  </> HTTP Post button and a new window will open, asking to paste the URL for the request. Paste yours, and it’s done!

In order to avoid bad surprises, note that you must create the same columns in your list, that the filled required in your form (firstname, lastname, etc..).