If these questions are not enough, please check the documentation.

Can I attach a file to my newsletter ?

In order to prevent your emails being delivered in spambox, Jackmail does not offer to add attached files. It's not that we can't, it's a choice. And it's for your safety ! :) The best way to add a file to your campaign, is to upload it on your web host, and link it with an url.
  • It's safe for our servers
  • It has statistics (cause it's a link)
  • It won't go in spambox (cause it's lighter)

How do I set a reply mail ?

Bu default, replay adress is the same as the sender adress.

But if you want to modify it, reply mail is just below sender address. Click on the "option" button on the very right, and here you are :


Why do I have to pay for a newsletter plugin, since i can find free one ?

The main goal of Jackmail is to secure your sendings and make sure they get where they need to go ... the inbox. Emailing is not just having a nice emailbuilder and a good contact manager. It's mainly a server's reputation. Routing is by far what's the most important in email marketing. A plugin, as best as it can be, can't do the job alone. For example, using your own smtp server will lead to send a message in a bottle because it's not intended to send that much emails. It will result of spending time creating a newsletter that may have been sent into the spambox. What's the point ? Rely on our routing service, and see the difference !
  • Bounce, complaint, & authentication management We automatically look after all the authentication techniques: SPF, Sender ID, DKIM...The system detects and automatically sends back in the software the bounces and complaints.
  • Monitoring and email client supplier relations We regularly exchange with all the ISP (Internet Service Providers) and email's clients worldwide. This allows us to follow our deliverability and to rapidly act if a problem is detected.
  • Dynamic IP routing for optimal performance Dynamic attribution system of the best IP addresses available, according to feedback analysis, for an optimal delivery.
  • 24/7 anti-spam reputation monitoring The reputation of our infrastructure is constantly under watch by a monitoring and anti-spam system. Campaigns are checked in order to guarantee reputation and obtain the highest level of delivery.

How to display unsubscribers list ?

You sent a campaign and would like to know who unsubscribed ? Head to the "List' section and select the concerned list. Pick the +Targeting settings buttons, and use the following filters : EMAIL > is an opt-out